Accidental Plus Insurance

The best way to achieve total peace of mind is to plan ahead.

There are those who feel that even at a low price, loan repayment insurance is an unnecessary “luxury”. The “it could never happen to me” attitude is understandable when your health is good and you’re in the prime of life. Nevertheless, the statistics on disability and death cannot be ignored.

Accidental Plus insurance includes two types of coverage:
  • Involuntary Unemployment means job-loss or layoff which is not attributed to your action, inaction, option, or desire and was not anticipated on or prior to the Effective Date of Insurance.
  • For Accidental Disability, After 6 Insured Monthly Payments have been paid for Total Disability caused by the same Injury or same accident, each subsequent claim submitted under Accidental Disability must be due to a new Injury caused by a separate accident.

Needs vary, and some restrictions apply, so please review insurance plans with your Financial Services Manager and they will provide the best coverage for you.

Debrah’s Collision...
“Last winter I slid into an intersection and was hit by a truck, which put me on crutches for months. My job said they couldn’t keep me on since I wasn’t past the probation period, but I received compensation when I was off work and was able to find a new job in that time as well!"*

*Inspired by actual case, though any names and photos were imposed for privacy reasons.