Accident & Health Insurance

We can’t wait for you to start enjoying your new or pre-owned vehicle.

And although you’ve chosen wisely and budgeted carefully you shouldn’t overlook Accident and Health Insurance, an option that will protect yourself and your new investment.

Complete Protection is easy to qualify for...
  • There are no extensive questionnaires or medical exams
  • Cost of coverage is the same regardless of age, occupation or family history

Needs vary, and some restrictions apply, so please review insurance plans with your Financial Services Manager and they will provide the best coverage for you.

Jack's Fall...
“When Jack broke his arm at daycare, I never even considered that I'd have to take a full week off work until he finally got his cast put on. The Accident and Health Insurance took care of my time off before I sent Jack back to school and it only add a few more dollars a week to my payments."*

*Inspired by actual case, though any names and photos were imposed for privacy reasons.