Companion Total Loss Protection

Option 1

  • The difference between the insurance payout and the price of a replacement vehicle plus your deductible up to $500.

Option 2

  • The difference between the insurance payout and the vehicle loan balance. In addition, you will receive $500 toward the purchase of a vehicle at the same dealership.

Companion Total Loss Protection

  • Covers you for up to 7 years
  • Protects your credit rating
  • Could save you up to $50,000
  • Will stay active regardless of driving experience or losses
  • Automatically gives you the best protection: we calculate, and you receive whichever is greater, Option 1 or Option 2

Available for auto, recreational vehicles, trailers, ATVs, side-by-sides, motorcycles (on-road and off-road), scooters, mobility scooters, golf carts, marine vessels.

With Companion Total Loss Protection, the financial impact from an accident, fire or theft is mitigated.

Losing your vehicle is bad enough. Being left with a loan to pay off in addition to not having a car is worse. That is where Companion Total Loss Protection is there for you.

You are covered for the greater of:

  • Option 1: a replacement vehicle; or
  • Option 2: the financial GAP.

Examples for Option 1

• If your 2016 vehicle is stolen and declared a total loss, we are going to provide you with a current vehicle similarly equipped.

• If you have a 3-year-old vehicle and it is declared a loss 3 years later, you will receive a credit towards a 3-year-old vehicle, not a 6-year-old vehicle.

Example for Option 2

• Your vehicle’s value will decline faster than the balance you owe on your Vehicle Loan Balance*. Option 2 will cover this difference.

*Vehicle Loan Balance — this does not include any proportionate share of your loan balance that is not applicable to the purchase price of your vehicle.