Body Armour

The new Corrosion Protection Unit (CPU) is completely wireless and plugs easily into the vehicles OBD II
port which is the access point to the vehicles grounding system and power to deliver electronically
controlled ultra-low voltage to the entire metal structure of the vehicle.

The CPU monitors the flow of free electrons in the metal and provides the right amount of current to
stabilize and impede the electrochemical corrosion process.

Key Advantages

  • CPU is directly “plugged in” to your vehicles electrical system safely reaching all metal panels
    from the inside
  • No wires, no mess and completely protected from the elements
  • Low battery monitoring ensures the CPU will not interfere with your battery’s power supply
  • Protect the structural integrity and resale value of your new or pre-owned vehicle
  • Advanced output monitoring works for both steel and aluminum body vehicles
  • Small in stature but big on performance. Proven patented technology with significant scientific
    testing to back up CPU performance

Protect Your Investment

  • Warranted protection from rust
  • Environmentally friendly technology and application
  • Improved resale value of your investment.

Available Warranty:

  1. New - 10 Years
  2. Used - 5 Years
  • Body Armour

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