Body Armor

The most advanced development in rust protection and an eco-friendly solution at that!

Our Body Armour protection is leaps above the rest:
  • State-of-the-art patented technology
  • It’s portable! Move your Body Armour module between vehicles.
  • Replaces chemical type rust proofing for a clean and efficient way to protect your investment
  • Compatible with all new and pre-owned vehicles
  • 120 months warranty on current model year and 72 months warranty on pre-owned vehicles (This is double the warranty of most manufacturers.)

“The conditions that our equipment routinely encounters in salt harvesting are among the most severe corrosion promoting environments. Exposed metal will perforate in 3-6 months when left unattended. This rust protection system has helped us see the operating life of our trucks increase by at least additional 24 months.” – Mobile Maintenance Manager, 1082-2000

  • Body Armor

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