Interior Armour

Fabric Protection

Your vehicle’s interior deserves an invisible shield. Our Interior Armour Fabric Protection is the first automotive grade carpet and upholstery protection to feature the significantly enhanced concentration and durability of Nano-hybrid chemistry. Forming a strong, invisible shield, without altering the natural beauty of carpets and upholstery, our fabric protection is backed by a fully assured warranty and guaranteed to give long lasting protection to your investment.


  • Protects your vehicle’s appearance
  • Extends the life of your vehicle’s interior
  • Protects the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle
  • Protection from permanent stains
Leather Protection

Our Interior Armour Leather Protection creates an invisible, breathable protective shield. Its unique semi-permeable water-based formula keeps most stains from penetrating, allowing for quick and easy clean up. Plus, its fully warrantied and guaranteed to keep your interior looking like new.


  • Enhanced appearance
  • Improved resale value of your investment
  • Protection from permanent stains

Available Warranty:

  1. New - 5 Years
  2. Used - 3 Years