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The best way to achieve total peace of mind is to plan ahead.

It’s good to know that the insurance coverage you choose will reduce the financial impact on your loved ones if anything should happen to you:

Total protection against financial breakdown.
  • Life Insurance includes accidental dismemberment benefit
  • Critical Illness Insurance includes six covered conditions:
    • Life-threatening cancer
    • Heart attack
    • Coronary artery bypass surgery
    • Stroke
    • Major organ failure requiring transplant
    • Paralysis
  • Accidental Plus Disability Insurance includes:
    • Accidental Disability
    • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Complete protection for pennies a day

Needs vary, and some restrictions apply, so please review insurance plans with your Financial Services Manager and they will provide the best coverage for you.

If your new car is deemed a total loss, you are entitled to a current model vehicle comparable to the original vehicle. For pre-ownwed vehicles that are deemed a total loss, you would be entitle to a comparable replacement vehicle.

Options, features and benefits:

  • Worry-free protection from vehicle depreciation
  • Cost of coverage is the same regardless of age, occupation, vehicle make, model or price
  • Helps to protect your credit rating and savings
  • Affordable joint coverage available
  • Previous finance/loan deficiencies are covered up to $3,500
  • Critical Illness coverage provides Living Life benefits and allows for full recovery
  • Maximum benefit: $7,500
  • Covers your entire term (up to 84 months)